Our brand communicates the relationship between engineering and storytelling. We combine the concepts of engineering, structures, creative thinking, poetry and beauty to represent the idea of ‘engineered stories’.

Engineered stories are the outcome of a process that begins with Sysco exploring rational solutions that are then taken into emotional executions.

Brand guidelines help to keep our brand's messages consistent and cohesive, and ensures that our brand is recognisable and powerful.


Our typefaces are an important part of our brand. Please download the relevant fonts as outlined below. 

Shentox SemiBold in Caps is strong and impactful and should be used for headlines.

Karla Regular should be used whenever possible for body copy. 


Aldrich (for headings) and Verdana Regular (body copy) should be the fall back when all others are not available. Verdana can be used in CAD and basic HTML instances.


Instructions on Installing Fonts

  • Download the relevant font family folders (Aldrich / Karla / Shentox)

  • Once all fonts have been downloaded, open Font Book (this can be located via search in the mac Launchpad)

  • Select File then Add Fonts

  • Select the relevant font folder and click 'Open'

  • All fonts from the font family folder should be selected for installation

  • Once selected, the installation should commence automatically

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 16.05.44.png


A selection of logos are available to download although you should always use the primary logo where possible.

Please refer to the brand guidelines regarding the correct implementation of these.


This has two versions, for use on light and dark backgrounds. This should be used in most cases, whenever space permits.



This is the shortened Sysco primary logo. It also has two versions, for use on light and dark backgrounds. This can be used inside documents in the header section.



This is our icon. It should not be used in place of the logo + wordmark, instead as a watermark, backdrop, or reminder. This logo provides brand presence in a subtle way.



The Sysco Wordmark can be used in some cases to give subtle brand presence or when space is tight. It should be used when the primary logo is already used in the space or at very small scale. This version of the logo can be shown only in either Sysco Black, Sysco White or Sysco Yellow.


The logo derives from the grid. It symbolically depicts the concept of Sysco as ‘Story Engineers’; the link between engineering and emotional content.